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Jim Calandro aka Capo | Member 00001
I have been riding since 1970 when I got a Honda Mini bike. 1990 is when I saw the light and joined the Church of Ducati. An 851, an F1B, a bevel 900 SS, and a modern 900 SP followed in that order. Other Italian brands have passed through my garage including Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, Bimota, Laverda and Cagiva. It is a disease called MLI or Moto Lust Italiana.
Jim CalandroJim CalandroJim CalandroJim CalandroJim Calandro
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Clyde Romero | Member 00003
Well, I figured if I could no longer fly fighters I might as well do the closest thing to it. And riding a Ducati is very much like flying. Having been a Ducati owner since 1993 when I bought my first bike, an 888 SPO5, I have since added to the collection. I also own a '98 916 SPS along with a 512 TR Ferrari! I am an avid Formula 1 fan and have attended a lot of the races. Hope to see you at one of our events!
Clyde RomeroClyde Romero
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Craig Hunley | Member 00009
I am a MLI carrier that likes anything old as well as anything Italian. My favorite toys are both old and Italian. Bevel Drive Ducatis particularly appeal to me. Other bikes in my garage are a Moto Guzzi LeMans, a Cagiva Gran Canyon, and two modern Ducatis. Someday a laydown single may join them. In a former life I spent a few years AHRMA racing before tiring of hurting myself. Now I lead motorcycle tours in the Appalachian Mountains. Look for me at
Craig Hunley
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Bob Hancock | Member 00011
I started riding bikes in college in 1968, riding mostly Brit bikes, then to Harley's, then to BMW's and now graduated to Ducati's. As my bio reflects I am long on experience, but short on talent as I have never won any races... never been in any, but that's beside the point. My Duc'age has included an ST4, a 996 (now deceased) and my current ride a '95 916 mono.
Bob Hancock
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Wally Anderson | Member 00012
I've been riding since 1959, my first bike being a 50cc Honda. Through the years I owned Italian, German, British and Japanese bikes. My wife Susie also rides, she presently rides a 05 250R Kawasaki Ninja.
Wally AndersonWally Anderson
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Mike "Zucchini" Cecchini | Member 00013
Riding since 1961, a Harley 125cc 2-smoke to school and then a 305 Honda Scrambler from Seattle to D.C. in 1969 after Viet Nam. Kaw Triples had my attention in the 70's-80's until I rode my first Ducati and I just couldn't believe the difference. In the fall of 1989, I put down $2k on my very first new motorcycle - a 1990 851. And now that my son has my 851... here's my 93 SPO that's a full tilt SP5 and the 94 Monster. And my 3 year completion of my SP5S. Life is good on a Ducati.
Mike 'Zucchini' CecchiniMike 'Zucchini' CecchiniMike 'Zucchini' Cecchini
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Rick Woods | Member 00015
Got my first bike in 1979. Bought my first Duc in 1994. Currently own 4 Italian bikes, an American bike, a Polish bike, and some Japanese bikes. Enjoy all kinds of riding from dirtbiking with my 2 teenage boys, to sportriding with my friends, and cruising with my girlfriend. She thinks I like bikes more than her!
Rick Woods
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Dave Ludwig | Member 00022
I live in Chattanooga, Tn. and have been hooked on motorcycles for a very, very long time. My first bike was a beat up Triumph 250. Things fortunately got much better after that experience and now, after many different bikes and a ride on a friends 900ss in 1997, I am on my third Ducati, a 2008 Hypermotard 1100s.I enjoy rally's and track days, have participated in Ed Bargy's school, and continue to look forward to USDESMO events in the future.
Dave LudwigDave Ludwig
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Jeff Kilinski | Member 00024
Trader, Tinkerer, TrackDayRider. Bike pictured is a '93 900/944SS. Watch out for a new number, "39", and a new bike for 2003.
Jeff KilinskiJeff Kilinski
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Mike Moore | Member 00026
I got my first bike when I was 10 and have been riding on and off ever since. For the longest time I held the honor of the first and only transport at a US Desmo track day at CMP. I currently have a 996 and an RS250 dedicated to the track. My off track riding is limited to a BMW K1200RS, affectionately know as the "Pig". When I'm not on the track, you can find me training for my next marathon on the streets of Philadelphia.
Mike MooreMike Moore

Holly Korzilius | Member 00044
Holly has been riding bikes since about 1991, having been introduced to motorcycles by a friend in high school. Her first bike was a 1980 Honda Shadow 750, which was sold when she joined the Marine Corps. After completing her initial training, she purchased a 1996 Yamaha YZF600. In March of 1999, she graduated to riding a Ducati when she picked up the 748 she's pictured on here. This photo was taken while participating in one of Reg Pridmore's CLASS Schools at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course in July 2002.
Hailly Korzillius
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Ted Clough | Member 00046
Started riding in college on a Suzuki dirt bike. Graduated to Triumphs while in the Navy in the 70's and 80's. Quit for a while after an encounter with a cinder block on I-5. Got back into bikes with a Ducati 750GT I restored in '95 and graduated to current 900SS a few years later.
Ted Clough
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Donnie Ables | Member 00048
Donnie Ables
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Terry Wickman | Member 00051
I started riding longer ago than I care to (or maybe can) remember. My first real bike was a Honda 305 Scrambler. I went through a bunch of different bikes till I bought a new CB400F in '75. My first Ducati was a 1999 900 SS. I started doing a few track days with it, and loved it so much I decided to buy my 1997 900SS as a track only bike so I wouldn't hurt the 99. My only regret is not getting hooked on Ducati years ago.
Terry WickmanTerry Wickman
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Dave Sites | Member 00052
Dave SitesDave Sites
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Harry Culbreath | Member 00056
I got my first bike in 1963, a Matchless G12 650 twin, by trading my car for it. Over the years, a variety of Brit bikes came and went, mostly Nortons, with BSAs and Triumphs here and there. In 1998, after blowing a head gasket on my Norton(again), it dawned on me that I liked riding more than wrenching, and I bought my first-ever new bike, a Ducati 750 Monster. I was hooked, and have since owned a 900FE, 748 Mono, and now a 996 Mono which is my track bike. My daily ride is a BMW R1100GS, but it does have a Ducati muffler! I discovered the thrill of track days, went to Ed Bargy's Racing School, and now I am having the time of my life... Thanks, Ducati!
Harry CulbreathHarry CulbreathHarry Culbreath
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Lewis Kirk | Member 00064
I started riding when I was going to college at Clemson with the mountains only 30 minutes away. Started out with a Bridgestone 200 and then a Bridgestone 350GTR (which I still have). I was lucky enough to ride with Clemson Café, a bunch of motoheads who rode Nortons, Ducatis, Moto Guzzis, etc. I ended up with a '75 Norton Interstate. A move to Atlanta stopped my riding for a while. When I returned to Columbia, I saw a K75 in the paper and bought it. Then I bought a Ducati ST2. Then I bought a Triumph Daytona 600 that I am using for track days. Maybe four motorcycles is enough.
Lewis KirkLewis KirkLewis Kirk
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Mike McMillan | Member 00065
I've been riding for 26 years. I've never been much for inline fours, so my bikes have been primarily European. After a Guzzi, several BMW's, and a couple of modern Triumphs, I've finally settled on a pair of Cagiva Alazzurras. I really like the Pantah motors and the light weight and handling of these bikes. Lots of character. They share the garage with a BMW R80/7, a TL125 Vintage trials bike and way too many Vespas.
Mike KcMillanMike KcMillan
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Karl Stinson | Member 00072
Short History - Being the youngest of 5, I grew up around motorcycles. I started riding in 1978. My first real bike was a 1974 Yamaha DT360. I have owned various Japanese sport bikes over the years. In 1982, my brother purchased a used Ducati 900SS. It was then that I knew I would eventually have a Duck. My first Ducati was a 1993 900SS which I purchased in 1998. I was offered my brother's 1977 900SS in the summer of 2001, which I eagerly snatched up. I also own a 1984 and a half (first year Evolution) Harley Davidson Electra-Glide. All of my bikes are keepers and I'm keeping my eyes open for additional chrome ponies to add to my stable.
Karl Stinson
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Bryon Hobson | Member 00075
My first bike was a Yamaha RD 350. I have had one of all the Japanese makes and have just recently sold my BMW K100. I've been riding my 1992 Ducati 907 IE since 1993. It has about 41,000 miles on it, and I do all the maintenance myself. During the winter I do the major work like replace clutches, drive belts, fork seals, and head bearings and the like. I don't like to interrupt the riding season with these chores. I go to all the local races; Atlanta, VIR, and look forward to the new one in Alabama. I live close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the North Carolina mountains, so that is where I do most of my riding. I look forward to the upcoming events and track days, and meeting my fellow members.
Bryon HobsonBryon HobsonBryon Hobson
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Eric Coffield | Member 00094
My first bike was Italian, a Harley Davidson 90cc single manufactured by Aermacchi back in the seventies. This helps explain my current state of (alleged) moto-confusion, being a very satisfied Hondaphile. Jim Calandro chose to adopt me some years ago, and tagged me "the Infidel" for my choice in brands, with the hopes that regular doses of exposure to finely crafted Italian motorcycles as a US Desmo member would one day bring me into the fold...
Eric Coffield
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Jeffrey A. Johnson | Member 00096
"I have been riding and driving since I was about 12 years old. My first motorcycle was a Honda Trail 70. After the Honda I saved up enough money to buy a Yamaha 250 Enduro which I modified for trails and the dirt track. I actually learned to fly on that bike! I look back at some of those dirt riding pictures and wonder how I ever survived. I also had a HD/AMF Legaro, Suzuki TM125, CanAm 250, and Yankee 500. I have always been car crazy too. I got to drive a Corvette at Charlotte Motor Speedway when I was 16 so doing something with SCCA is still on my things to do list. I gave up riding for a while before I went to college and got my pilot's license at 18 then my multi-engine license at 21. In the summer of 2002 I was in Bermuda on vacation and rented a scooter for a few days. I had such a blast that I got the riding bug again and purchased my first street bike - a 2002 Ducati ST4s. After putting 20,000 miles on that machine in 2 years and learning to drag knees on it at Deal's Gap I bought motorcycle #2 - a 2004 Ducati 999s. In May of 2005 I received my provisional racing license at VIR and now I enjoy the track more than the street with the 999s. You just can't appreciate the performance of that machine on the street like the track! It's nice owning 2 Ducatis and being a member of USDesmo has brought me new acquaintances and riding friends through events and track days with my "extended family" of Ducatisti."
Jeffrey A. JohnsonJeffrey A. JohnsonJeffrey A. Johnson
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Gene Rankin | Member 00097
Started riding in 1956 (Limeys, then Rice-Burners), stopped in 1966. Went to the first Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Cafe Racer Run about 25 years later, looked at the bikes, said "I can do this." Bought a Darmah and never looked back. Calandro conned me into getting the Bimota, conned myself into getting the little MV. I lust after a black Ghezzi Folgore. My name is Gene and I have MLI.
Gene RankinGene RankinGene Rankin
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Chris Edwards | Member 00111
Started riding in the UK in '75, moved to the USA in 1982. Had a short break from street riding between '87 and '93, took to riding in the dirt on ATV's. Got back into street riding when I bought a Bimota DB2 in 1994 and did my first DOCC track day at Mid Ohio in '95. Been hooked on track days ever since. In 2002, joined a local off road motorcycle club and have been supplementing the track days with a little trail riding and some MX'ing.
Chris EdwardsChris Edwards
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Bob Mitchell | Member 00121
Born into a motorcycle family, I started riding a Kawasaki 90 at age 4. 18 different motocross bikes followed, most KTM's. Owned and crashed my first street bike - 1986 FZ600. After a more favorable experience with a FZR600, I purchased my first Ducati - a 2001 748S. Love it! Looking forward to my first track day...
Bob Mitchell
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Steve Gross | Member 00122
I've been riding more years than not, but only recently got bitten by the sportbike bug. I've got an '88 750 F1 that I ride whenever I can (which isn't nearly as much as I want!). I try to get out on the track once or twice a year, usually at DOCC events.
Steve GrossSteve Gross
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Paul Van Valen | Member 00128
I have been riding since 1976. While I enjoy Ducatis and RC-51s, I'm really a four cylinder guy. My first bike was a Honda CB500-four. I've joined this club to find "mature" riders to ride in the mountains and do track days with. I like to sport tour when on vacation and I'm not embarrassed to use my trailer to get to the good stuff. I love my wife, I've done some roadracing, leapt from perfectly good airplanes and served in the Army.
Paul Van ValenPaul Van Valen
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Antonio Martino | Member 00132
I was born in 54 in a small village 50 kilometers north of Napoli called Bellona. To be precise I was born in my Grandfathers house in Via Vinciguera, Bellona, principi Caserta, Campagna, Italia. My first language was Italian but its so rusty my brain creaks when I try and speak it. We moved to England in 60 where I attended school and college. Then I got itchy feet and spent time in the Middle East and Southern Africa before going back to UK to get married. In Kuwait I had Hondas, 750 and 250 Elsinor (well the road are all straight). In SA I had a Katana that I rode from PE to Vic Falls in Zim (Its all I could afford and my arms paid the price). Now I live in Georgia. I never lost interest in bikes and never went without one for more than a couple of months. First bike was a Kwaka 200, then 650 then Moto Guzzi Lemon II. Since then I have owned British, Jap, Italian, German, and American. I have no bias against any type or make of bike. They are all fun in their own way, but I do have favorites and ducks are defiantly at the top, Currently have a 916 with a 955 kit and an ST4. Love both equally.
Antonio MartinoAntonio Martino
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Ian Sunderland | Member 00135
I have ridden motorcycles since 1972. I currently own 2 Ducatis: a '97 900cr and 2000 996 mono. I also putter around with a 69 triumph Bonneville and '72 Norton Commando. Although my home is in California, work has me in the east a lot so I keep the 900 in the east and 996 in the west. Mosport and Gratton are definitely on the calendar as are Ducks along the Blue Ridge and track days at Carolina Motorsports Park. The photo below was taken at CMSP last fall.
Ian Sunderland
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Rick Giddish | Member 00143
I have always wanted a Ducati sinceĀ I was a teenager and read about the adventures of "The California Hot Rod" in Cycle magazine. Finally my dream came true, and I am the proud owner of a 1997 900 SS SP
Rick GiddishRick Giddish
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Bob "Phoenix" Cook | Member 00147
I've been riding for about 12 years and enjoy racing (CCS Expert #599), teaching, and riding in that order. I currently function as a track day control rider for several dealerships and organizations, and am an instructor for the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Club (MARRC) Road Racing School. I would be more than happy to help anyone with a riding or racing question.
Bob 'Phoenix' CookBob 'Phoenix' Cook
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Wayne Van Den Broeke | Member 00151
I have been on bikes since the mid seventies. Like most, I have passed through a variety of riding styles and bikes in those years. Now I seem to get my jollies from sport bikes. My daily ride is a BMW K1200RS. My weekend ride was going to be this sweet 996S. But I got bit by the track bug, so now it is in the transformation stages of becoming a real track bike. Sharkskinz, sliders, chip... I think I have a problem :)
Wayne Van Den BroekeWayne Van Den BroekeWayne Van Den Broeke
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Jay Moser | Member 00159
I have been riding over 30 years. The first bike I bought was a Sears 106. I later found out it was Italian. Next were Japanese bikes. The last one of those was an Eddie Lawson Replica. I was reading an article in the late Cycle and discovered the Paso 906. It took a year, but I finally bought one. I have been hooked on Ducati ever since. My next street bike will be another Ducati.
Jaymo Ducatis Rule

Jay MoserJay Moser
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Liz Harrell | Member 00193
After riding horses for 30-plus years and deciding that it just wasn't fun anymore, I bought my first bike in September 2001, an '02 BMW F650GS. It took me six months to ride it 600 miles. However, once the light bulb went off in the spring, I became a true addict and put 20k miles on it in the first year. Last August, I rode in an all women's track day at VIR sponsored in part by Aprilia. The track bug bit me! I just bought an '01 Monster 900S i.e. that I will ride at track days and of course on the street! For now, I'm keeping the BMW to be the "foul weather" bike. I look forward to the track days and to becoming a better street rider.
Liz Harrell
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Thomas Truskolaski | Member 00224
Although I have been riding many brands of motorcycles over the years(25), Ducati has become a passion of mine. My first experience was on a 907 and was hooked ever since. I have had many Ducati models over the past 7 years and have settled down with my 1993 888spo. My two up ride is a 2001 BMW R1150GS. I reside in Radford, VA and am always looking for additional riding associates.
Thomas TruskolaskiThomas Truskolaski
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Kris Bickford | Member 00253
I am a Mechanical Engineer living in eastern PA. I was the Race Team Manager for Blackmans Racing from 1999-2002. We developed and raced the Aprilia RSV Mille R in the F-USA National Road Race Series and won the first National Championship for Aprilia in 2001. I love Italian motorcycles and currently have 3 Ducatis, 2 Aprilias and 1 Moto-Guzzi parked in my workshop.
Kris Bickford
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John Rossi | Member 00262
My 30-years riding experience began on Maico and CZ motorcross bikes in Northeast Pennsylvania's Anthracite Coal region. I ride a self-customized, BCM tuned, Ducati 900ss as well as a 1974 BMW R75/6 I've owned since 1981. I live outside of Boston in Medford, Massachusetts and frequent track days at Louden International Speedway in New Hampshire. I am the Northeast Regional Representative for US DESMO and a contributing writer to DESMO LEANINGS.
John RossiJohn Rossi
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Lynnea Stadelmann | Member 00284
Riding since 1978, I was fortunate enough to have met friends who got me started with Italian bikes almost from the beginning. Have owned four Morinis, one Benelli Six, three Hondas, one Harley, and my first "Ducati", an '86 Cagiva 650SS. But the best Christmas gift I ever got was my '91 Ducati 750SS, a dream come true, from my husband, Roland, in 1992. Parental duties forced the sale of that bike in 1995, which was a very sad day, indeed. But in 2003 got my second best Christmas gift, an '85 Cagiva 650, and Roland has promised to get riding again, too. Plan on bringing our daughter on rides now that she's old enough. Also founded the Italian Motorcycle Owners Club of North America, Inc., ("IMOC") in 1981. I'm looking forward to getting on the track, something I've been wanting to do an awfully long time.
Lynnea StadelmannLynnea Stadelmann
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Riston (Rusty) Smith | Member 00327
I have been riding for 20+ years. I own a 2000 900 SS given to me by my wonderful wife as a surprise Christmas gift. I WAS SUPRISED!!! I LOVE the sound of the 2V Ducati. I have never ridden a 4V, maybe one day. My 900 was and is my dream bike. I enjoy watching all classes of racing. MotoGP is my favorite. I ride the North Georgia mountains. Sometimes I venture to the Dragon during the week.
Riston Smith
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Max Field | Member 00384
In '74 or thereabout, I traded a registered Quarterhorse mare and her colt for a '72 Honda 250 XL. Rode it to work mostly, gasoline was so expensive, about $.45 a gallon I believe. Kept it for a couple of years and got rid of it. Went without until '99 when I bought a '93 Harley-Davidson, a year later bought a new 2001 Electra Glide Classic that now has in excess of 18k miles. Then in March of '04, I bought my first Ducati. A '00 ST 2. What a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've added Staintune pipes, chip, BMC air box, Sargeant seat and a touring wind screen.
Max FieldMax Field
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John Buchanan | Member 00385
This sickness began for me at about age 4, when my grandfather would take me on rides on his Triumph. He had ridden Triumphs since 1910 in his native Scotland and rode till age 94. My first bike in 1966 at age 12 was Rickman/Zundap125 and current bikes: Ducati M750s euro, Triumph Daytona 600, Triumph TT600 race, BMWR1100RT, Honda Z50, Polini w/c pocket. Member of Augusta Triumph/Ducati Race Team (AMA Supersport, WERA Supersport 600).
John BuchananJohn BuchananJohn Buchanan
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Murrill McLean | Member 00387
Hello and thank you for the opportunity to join the finest club in America. I have 19 years of riding experience not having ever raced professionally but I really enjoy the thrill of riding the fastest and best made machine produced. I currently own a Ducati SS1000 DS 2004 and a Kawasaki Ninja ZXR-9 (900cc) bike 2001. I attend motorcycle rallies throughout Virginia and North Carolina, and plan on attend Black Biker Week at Myrtle Beach South Carolina 2004. I hope I have the opportunity to ride with other club enthusiasts in the near future. I currently live in Danville, Virginia within riding distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Virginia Beach.
Murrill McLeanMurrill McLean
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Mike Dillard | Member 00457
I have only been riding for 2 or 3 months. Currently I am a student at The Art Institute of Atlanta. On my 23rd birthday I got a 749S (my very first bike). I am looking to gain the knowledge of the wiser riders.
Mike Dillard
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Leslie Duke | 00476
I got my first motorcycle when I was 8 years old. It was my beloved Honda Z50. I'm 36 now and ever since I was 8, I have been hooked on bikes and will always own one from now on. I prefer all things Italian, but have owned about 15 Hondas in the past. I went through Ed Bargy's racing school in 1997 and spent a few years doing track days on my trusty CBR600 F3. My first true love is flying helicopters (R22/R44 for any rotorheads out there) although I have a very intense passion for Italian motorcycles. At this point the (growing) collection consists of the following. Ducati 999R "FILA". #69 of only 200 ever built, An MV Agusta F41000S, a 998, Monster S4, Hypermotard 1100S, 1966 250 Monza, a Harley Davidson 100th Anv. FXDX, and a 2002 Sportster "sport" Harley says it is the "hot-rod" of the Harley family. 56 HP and 94 MPH wide open... how sad... I live in Rome GA and enjoy riding both around local and up in the twisties. I have been to TWO, and the "Dragon's Tail" Big fun. I can be reached at I enjoy all types of motorcycles and the people who I meet while riding. If anyone is in the area of Rome GA... drop me a line and we will go scrape some knee pucks.
Leslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie DukeLeslie Duke
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Jamey Edmondson | 00478
I've been riding since the spring of 1978. I was six and my dad who hates motorcycles put me on a homemade contraption with a five horse briggs engine, springs and a devil cartoon on the front. I insisted he remove the devil. I then proceeded to learn to slide around a ball field and crash the dugout. I fell in love with the Desmoquattro and bought a 1992 851 in 1994. My first dream had come true. Many years, generators and stators later I still have her and love her. I acquired a 1998 M900 in 1999 and enjoyed her more than anything, and that's all I'll say about that. May her memory live on. I got a Monster S4R in the spring of 2004 and love her as I do the rest of the flock. I own a prosthetic limb fabrication company in Chattanooga and love what I do. But, I also love building custom carbon fiber parts for my motorcycles and others as well. Nothing like shameless self-promotion.
Jamey EdmondsonJamey EdmondsonJamey Edmondson
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Jeffery Neff | Member 00507
I am 61 years old as of February 26, 2005, and a professor (Geography) at Western Carolina University. Started riding at age 21, been at it for 40 years!! My first two bikes were Hondas a '66 CB 160, then a '67 305 Scrambler. In September '67 I bought my first Ducati, a beautiful 250 Scrambler, sleek and black-and-silver (Why oh why did I ever sell it?). I have owned two 750 GT's ('74 and '75), an '85 Cagiva 650, and now a 2003 Monster 800s.e.i. My wife also rides an immaculate '86 Yamaha Radian. Living and working in the western North Carolina mountains is a Ducati lover's dream come true!!

Cortes Pauls | Member 00608
My biking trip began with a Vespa Scooter in 1959, and currently I am riding the 1990 851 you see here and a Honda XL350 built for the street. My 851 was sold new in North Carolina in March of 1990. It has spent most of its life in Virginia, the last three years with me. I do love it and hope to get a branch of USDESMO going in Richmond.
Cortes PaulsCortes Pauls
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Donnie Hartung | Member 00729
I live in the Daytona Bch. area, work accross the street from the Speedway and I am a Ducati FREAK!!! The first time I saw the 916 some years ago I knew it was all over for me (I had to have one). My first bike was a 750 Paso, now I ride a 996 Bostrom WSBK L&M graphics replica and lovin it (thanks Tony). I love everything that is Ducati from its heritage to its history in racing. Theres just something about it that sucks ya in... it's just Desmodramics. See ya in Daytona.
Donnie Hartung
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Isaac Price | Member 00768
I have been riding since 1998 starting with racing ATV's and Motorcross. In 2001 I got my first street bike. I have had a Suzuki and a Honda but nothing is like my Ducati 999. My first upgrade the day I purchased the bike was a full Termignoni race exhaust. There is nothing like the sound of the Ducati's performance exhaust. I enjoy meeting new riders and learning their expertise to be a safe a smoother rider. My wife and I enjoy riding the curves and nice Sunday afternoon cruises. I am most excited about attending different track events throughout the year. I have a beautiful wife that supports my passion for riding and a 3 year old daughter that also enjoys my love for bikes. We currently live in Simpsonville, SC for the past 2 years. We are originally from Asheville, NC and still enjoy riding up in the mountains.
Isaac PriceIsaac PriceIsaac Price
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Starr Crawford | Member 00849
I live in Augusta, GA and have been riding for about 4 years. I was a Ninja enthusiast - I rode my Ninja 500 to Sturgis, SD last year - that was interesting!! My friend bought a Ducati ST4 last year. Once I was around that bike for a little while, I KNEW I wanted a Ducati! Not being one of the taller people in the world, I decided on a Monster. I had to cut the seat down and buy SIDI boots with 1 1/2" heels, but it was worth it! I am now the proud owner of 'Sparky' a 2001 Monster 900S. I'm looking forward to lots of great riding! You can contact me at
Starr Crawford
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Don deBethizy | Member 00946
I grew up around Washington, D.C. tinkering with lawnmowers, go carts, home built motor bikes, and old Fords. I bought my first motorcycle in the mid 70's, a Honda 360T street bike which I road to graduate school in Utah. I sold the bike when I got married in 1980 and didn't buy another bike until May 2005, a Yamaha VStar 1100 cruiser. My son and daughter convinced me to buy a damaged 2001 Ducati 748 in the summer of 2006 which I road occasionally. In the fall, I met a woman on an airplane in Europe who owns two Ducatis. She encouraged me to ride the Ducati more and now I'm hooked on riding Ducatis. I bought my first new bike in March 2007, a Ducati 1098S. So when I am not running my biotech company, Targacept, Inc in Winston-Salem, I am riding on country roads in Stokes County, NC.
Don deBethizy
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Michael Wilson | Member 01024
I just bought my first Duc and love it. I have been to 2 of the rallies and look forward to many more. I am the lucky owner of the new 1098 Ducati made. I have 2 kids and live in Acworth Georgia north west Atlanta. Call me if anyone ever wants to ride. 678-249-4731. I am self employed general contractor and look forward to buying another Ducati soon.
Michael WilsonMichael WilsonMichael WilsonMichael Wilson
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Bill Park | Member 01055
I really can't remember not riding motorcycles and minibikes. My brother and I progressed from minibikes to a Yamaha 60, to a 125 Enduro, and on to my racing moto cross on my awesome CR250R, back when they had less than 4 inches of travel in the rear suspension, Ouch! A Yamaha 125 twin was my first street bike. Ask me tell you the whole story when you have lots of time and a few cold brews. My real turning point was the Yamaha RD 350. The first real sport bike available in the US market. Over the years I have owned Hondas, Yamahas, BSA, and even a Kawasaki or two. But my passion has always been with the Ducati. Their racing heritage has always stood the test of time. Now that they are available, and parts and service is becoming more of a reality, I added an 05 Monster to my stable. The handling and balance built into this Ducati motorcycle is second to none. Oh, I still trail ride on my Honda XR250R, and I am into kart racing my Paul Tracy CRG sprint kart, but for sheer joy of life, nothing surpasses a long afternoon ride on the monster. I'm in the Myrtle Beach area so look me up if you're riding this way. Check me out at Also check out the local kart racing at And Happy Trails to you and yours.
Bill ParkBill ParkBill ParkBill Park
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Roman Phillips | Member 01069
From left to right: Roman at 1 month ridin' daddy's bike. Roman (10 Months) with Daddy, Tough Decision deciding which Duck! Roman Christmas card 2006 - 1 year (2 pics). Roman's Christmas 2008 with his new Ducati track. Roman Christmas 2009 Monster .333 (Don't laugh, Daddy had a customer ride into the dealership with bare feet!). Roman on a Spring Ride 2009.
Kenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth Gross
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Kenneth Gross | Member 01109
Started riding back in '66 on a 50cc Montgomery Ward bike(may have been of Benelli manufacture). After a succession of Yamaha/Hondas over the ensuing years, was finally seduced by Ducati and have no interest in looking back.
Kenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth GrossKenneth Gross
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James E. Aswell, Ph. D. | Member 01168
From Waialua HI, lived in TX, LA, MS, VA, PA, MA, NC. Reside in Wake Forest, NC. First bike 1967 Triumph TR6C. Now ride Ducati ST3S. Great roads in Western N. Carolina, SW VA and Eastern TN. Highway 54, 421 (the snake), 129 (tail of the dragon), Blue Ridge - Foothills Parkways - Cherohala Skyway. The ST3S is the perfect bike for my riding style, heavy on the "Sport" and adequate comfort on the "Tourer".
James E. AswellJames E. AswellJames E. Aswell
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Michael McBurney | Member 01173
Native of the San Francisco Bay area. Currently living in Savannah, GA. Started riding in the 70's. Took riding schools with Keith Code and Reg Pridmore to get the basics. Retired from AT&T mid 90's, obtained a WERA road race license at the Ed Bargy Racing School. Raced FZR-400/600 for four years in WERA, now retired. Wife Marsha, have two abandoned dogs, two stray cats. Enjoy early Sunday morning rides.
Michael McBurneyMichael McBurney
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Ed Voskowsky | Member 01224
I have had numerous bikes of all sizes for as long as I can recall. Dirt bikes as a kid. First Ducati was a Monster back in '99. Three since then, settling on this ST4S. '73 Commando 850 for short fun rides, ST is for the distance.
Ed VoskowskyEd Voskowsky
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James Van Steelandt | Member 01438
I have been riding since High School, and I have always had a love for my Kawasaki motorcycles, but 22 years ago, I heard my first Ducati live! It was a Ducati Super Sport 851. After that, I found the 916 on the cover of CycleWorld all decked out in chrome polished hoops, a wicked Piranha eating a Japanese Meatball paint scheme... smoking some skins I might add. I was hooked. 20 years later, I bought one with the support of my wife (who also supported my purchase of my 1st new motorcycle). I am the proud owner of a 2009 1198... RED of course! I also own: 2005 Kawasaki ZRX 1200R, 1999 Kawasaki ZRX 1100, 1982 Kawasaki, and a KZ1100A2 (under reconstruction). I have owned: 1975 Kawasaki Z1B, 1984, Kawasaki GPz 750, and a 1976 Kawasaki KZ650
James Van SteelandtJames Van SteelandtJames Van SteelandtJames Van Steelandt
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Jon "Skinny" Beyerlein | Member 01455
I love my 2005 Ducati S4R Monster. I love going fast. The feeling of going 150mph down a straight away into a 90 degree corner with just the thought of attacking the next corner is definitely my idea of fun. I can't wait until the next track day. I also have a 1997 Fat Boy. The chicks always love riding on a Fat Boy with a guy named Skinny. My cage is a 2010 Camaro 2SSRS that I supercharged. Why you may ask? I love going fast.
Jon 'Skinny' BeyerleinJon 'Skinny' BeyerleinJon 'Skinny' BeyerleinJon 'Skinny' BeyerleinJon 'Skinny' BeyerleinJon 'Skinny' Beyerlein
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Ed Jemison | Member 01482
Ride a 2010 Ducati GT1000 SportsClassic and a 2010 BMW R1200RT. My first two European bikes after a lifetime of Japanese bikes.
Ed JemisonEd Jemison
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Danilo Novelli | Member 01511
My passion for motorcycles started at a very young age. At 5 I was sitting on top of a box grabbing a stick for steering on the balcony of our house in Leggiuno, Italy, watching a Laverda 750SF cruise by. The sound was music... I was hooked. I never got off a bike since then - imaginary or real :-) As a true Italian, I am not allowed to ride anything but Italian, so my passion for Ducati is not an option. I could not afford them up until a few years ago, so I cheated and rode a few Japanese in the meantime. My first Duc was a 996, a bike I regret having sold. Then the 999, Multistrada, s4r and s4rs came. I have kept the s4r as it has the wonderful 996 engine. And have just added the Streetfighter. My son Carlos shares the same passion for bikes. Carlos and I ride every time we can when he is home from college.
Danilo NovelliDanilo Novelli
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Matt Crean | Member 01691
I got the itch for riding from my Dad, who used to bring me to my eye doctor appointments on the back of his Chopped Honda 750 Motorcycle. From that point on I was hooked and couldn't wait to start riding on my own. I bought my first bike, a 1978 Yamaha 400 for a few hundred bucks and loved it. I stepped it up to a 1986 Yamaha FZ750, which got me into Sportbiking. I then purchased my first New Bike a 1996 Suzuki GSXR-750 which I still own today, and is currently going to be my Full Time Track bike. While riding with buddies in the 90's though, I got my first glimpse of the 916 Superbike, which I fell in love with. I told myself one day I will own a Duc superbike as there is nothing like them. That day came in October 2012 when I purchased a new 2012 848Evo. I could not be happier. My passion for riding is diving these machines into a corner, it is amazing how the tires stick. I also own a 2003 Suzuki Intruder Cruiser which allows me to still have a wife and keep my passion for 2 wheels alive. Always be safe and keep the rubber side down.
Danilo NovelliDanilo Novelli
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Cliff Bowman | Member 01870
I am a retired teacher from Ohio. I have a lot of hobbies, including RC airplanes, computers, wine and beer making, ham radio, and motorcycles... I started riding motorcycles about 30 years ago (a 1978 Honda Hawk 400cc). After my kids got older I started to sample a variety of Japanese bikes: Suzuki Marauder 800, Suzuki Bandit 1200, Honda 900cc Sabre, Suzuki GSXR-750, Yamaha Roadstar, Kawasaki ZX6R, and finally got my 2012 Ducati Monster 796... It really is the best bike I have owned, and the easiest to ride! (A little tough in the luggage department though LOL.) I started making a yearly trip to the Dragon about 8 years ago and plan to keep riding for years to come :-) I look forward to being a US DESMO member and participating in the yearly events!
Cliff Bowman
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Jeff Miller | Member 02022
Began riding in 1976 at the age of 14, in West Virginia. It was a 1968 Suzuki KT120 Trail. Two years later I bought a 1969 Honda CB350 K2 Supersport for $400. At age 16 I was on my way to collecting bikes. Now at age 56, just recently moved from upstate New York where the riding season is about 6 weeks. Working in Charlotte NC, and living in beautiful South Carolina. My last purchase was a used 2014 Ducati Monster 796 from Vermont. Most of my bikes were purchased in VT. Their riding season is about 3 weeks, and the used bike selection is huge.
Jeff MillerJeff MillerJeff MillerJeff MillerJeff MillerJeff MillerJeff Miller
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Current inventory: 2001 Aprilia Mille, 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R, 2004 Honda VTX1300C, 2013 Suzuki DR650SE, 2014 Harley Davidson Iron 883, 2014 Ducati Monster 796, ...still have the 1969 CB350

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