US DESMO Track Day Rules and Regulations

General Track Rules
1. Riders must read and understand the wavier form, and then sign the rostrum list prior to participating.
2. All entrants must attend the riders meetings, no exceptions.
3. Participants must not tamper with any of the markings, or tags. For example: wristbands, registration stickers, tech inspection tags or helmet stickers.
4. All motorcycles are eligible to participate.
5.All motorcycles must be in top mechanical condition and pass a technical inspection prior to being allowed on the track. All crashed motorcycles must be re-inspected before re-entering another session.
6. All riders must wear appropriate leather, Kevlar, or Aerostich riding gear suitable for the racetrack. This includes two-piece suits which must zipper fasten together (no duct tape allowed). Back protectors with hard shells are required, no soft pad types will be allowed. Footwear and hand protection must be specifically designed for motorcycle use. Helmets must be full faced, be DOT or Snell approved, of recent design, be in good condition and fit the wearer. Proper visor must be worn.
7. Riders will not consume mind-altering substances or anything that could impair their ability to operate the motorcycle safely prior to riding. Anyone caught breaking this rule will not be permitted to ride for the remainder of the event.
8. Anyone allowing an unregistered person to ride their motorcycle on the track will also lose their privileges for the remainder of the event.
9. Any participant who rides in a group they are not registered for will not be allowed to ride their next session.
10. If for any reason you lose control of your motorcycle, on or off the track and cause another rider to go down, you again will lose all riding privileges for the remainder of the event. All situations will be assessed individually.
11. Never ride opposite to the direction of traffic in paddock and pit areas.
12. All track riding will stop when the track is closed. No driving (all vehicles) on the track without track management or event organizers permission.
13. All decisions made by the club management are final. All participants will agree to abide by these decisions during the event.

1. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis up to 30 per session and a maximum of 90 riders. You will be registered upon receipt of your check/money order payable to Desmo Track Days. All checks must be sent to: Desmo Track Days, PO Box 814, Marietta, GA 30061.
2. Please Note: There is no provision to pay by credit card.
3. In the event of inclement weather we will hold the event unless it is very severe. In that case we can cancel the event and will only lose our deposit. Keep in mind this will only be done in the event of very bad weather conditions so you will need to keep in close contact if there is such an event.
4. All refunds are at the discrimination of the organizers.
5. To be assured of a spot, please register early.
6. There are three classes. When registering you must choose one of the following classes:

It is recommended that less experienced riders and riders never having ridden at this venue attend the first-timers’ Orientation Session, which will familiarize riders to corners and track lines. Once you have chosen the class that best suits you, you are not held to it all day. We will allow class changes once to accommodate rider ability providing there is space available. All class changes must be authorized by the event coordinator.
The registration center at the track will be open from 7 AM. While at registration please advise us of any medical conditions we should be aware of. Once you have registered you must take your motorcycle and helmet to the Tech Area for inspection.

Technical Inspection
Technical Inspection will start at 8:00 am for the orientation group first. The track inspection is very brief and looks only for obvious faults. It is up to you as the motorcycle owner/rider to ensure that the filler and drain plugs and all fasteners are tight, that the engine and other components are not about to fail, and that the tires and brake pads are like new. We require you to maintain your motorcycle in top condition prior to each session and provide all maintenance and/or repairs necessary before participating in your session of the track. You may be removed from the track if at anytime that your bike causes a safety hazard to others.
Our inspection will consist of but is not limited by the following:
1. Your helmet must be full-faced, be Dot or Snell approved, of recent design, be in good condition, show no signs of impact on the exterior. It must fit the wearer properly. A visor must be fitted to the helmet. Your helmet will have a tech inspection sticker placed on it at the time of tech inspection. If your helmet does not have a sticker, you cannot use it to ride.
2. Tires must have sufficient tread for the event, slicks are allowed but again must have adequate rubber depth. Tires must be inflated to a correct pressure.
3. We will check brakes for action and tightness of components, but you are responsible for their mechanical and functional soundness. We will look at the thickness of pads on disc brakes.
4. All fluids (gas, brake, forks, engine, transmission, battery and radiator) must not be leaking. NOTE: Your cooling system on liquid cooled bikes will be checked with an antifreeze hydrometer to ensure that it does not contain any glycol antifreeze. Use distilled water with a wetting solution added to ensure adequate cooling. Any bike containing glycol antifreeze will not pass tech and will not be allowed on the track, no exceptions. Standard oil in lieu of synthetic is only recommended.
5. We will check all brake bolts, axle nuts, steering head bearings, handle bars and spokes for tightness.
6. Leather or Aerostich suits are required and must attach by a min. of 6" zipper in the rear. No taping of two piece suits will be allowed for either material. Riding boots and gloves are required
7. We will check to see that the throttle does not stick and that the brake and clutch lever operate properly.
8. Swing arm bushings, rear axle, chain and adjusters, plus suspension components will be checked.
9. All glass (headlight, taillights and signals) must be taped or removed. Mirror glass must be totally removed. Side and center stands will be allowed to remain on bikes as long as there is no risk of them grounding. The stands will be required to be wired closed if they do not retract adequately.
10. D.O.T. license plates need to be removed. Headlight, horn and tail light fuses will be disabled.
11. GoPro style cameras must be securely mounted to the bike and have a secondary tether system.

The inspectors ask you not to bring hot (engine temperature) motorcycles for inspection. Walk it up to tech. If it cannot be avoided, please warn the inspector beforehand. An inspector who burns his hands on your bike will find something wrong with it.

Riders Meeting
Riders meetings are held to prepare and advise riders of the track procedures in effect and are mandatory. Topics covered will include pit lane procedures, entering and exiting the track, track safety, marshaling concerns and a quick run down of the flags, etc. All registered participants planning on riding must attend the riders meeting, which is held at 8:20 AM before the track is opened. To ensure that we have everyone’s attention, registration and tech will be closed temporarily during this time. A random roll call will be held at this time, if you are not present when names are called, your riding privileges will be suspended and you will not be allowed on the track. If you show up at the track late you must report to the events coordinator to review the track procedures.

Flags and Flag Rules
The marshals at each event will detail the flags and required responses at the mandatory riders meeting.
The following is a general overview:
Yellow Held Stationary Indicates a potentially dangerous situation on or near the track. Use caution ahead. For example: a stopped rider.
Yellow Waved Indicates danger immediately ahead, slow down and do not pass other riders until you have passed the occurrence. For example: a fallen rider or riders.
Red and Yellow Striped - This flag indicates debris or fluids (oil, brake, coolant, gas) on the track ahead. Whenever possible the marshal will point the flag at the offending material or area. A sweeping motion with the flag indicates a line of fluid throughout the curve. Slow down and keep your eyes open for the problem under these conditions.
Black - Will be displayed by the starter. If the flag is pointed at you, then the marshals have reported a problem with either your bike (mechanically) or your riding style. Cautiously check your bike over to ensure you are not endangering current track conditions, then proceed to the pit lane and report to the club official. If the problem is mechanical (especially leaking fluids or smoking) please pull off the track as quickly and safely as possible.
Red - Indicates a serious problem requiring a shut down (ambulance on track) the session is over. Do not stop immediately! Carefully slow down, be sure to indicate your intentions by raising your arm of sticking out a leg, and proceed to the pit lane.
Checkered - This indicates your track session is over, and you are to exit at pit lane. Keep up your speed until you near the pit lane, slow down and indicate your intentions by raising your arm or sticking out your leg. Be aware of riders behind you, and use common sense when riding back to the pits.
Any rider ignoring the marshals' flag will receive further instructions on flags from the event coordinator and could lose their riding privileges.

The above information is to ensure that all participants arrive at the track prepared and possess the required knowledge to ride safely. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us. This event is run by a bunch of volunteers who think the events are so much fun, they have to help put them on. None of them are getting paid and most want to use the track as much as you do, the club needs volunteers to perform various duties during our track days. If you or someone in your party can help in any way at our track events, we would appreciate it. Adequate volunteer help allows the club to present these events safely to our members and at a reasonable cost. Remember no help, no events.
Thanks and we'll see you at the track.